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Explore our extensive directory of widely-used abbreviations and standard naming conventions for Power BI measures.

Missed something? Your contributions are welcome! Simply tell us which abbreviation is missing, and we'll include it in our list for everyone's benefit.

Avg.: Average

ACY: Additional Reporting Currency
CY: Currency

Expd.: Expected (amounts or quantities shipped or received but not yet invoiced)
FY: Fiscal Year
FYOYTD: Fiscal Year over Year to Date
FYTD: Fiscal Year to Date
Invd.: Invoiced (amounts or quantities have been billed, signifying a posted invoice exists)

L12M: Last 12 Months (Trailing 12 Months)
LCY: Local Currency
MOM: Month over Month
MOMTD: Month over Month to Date
MOPYMTD: Month over Previous Year Month to Date
MTD: Month to Date
Mth.: Month (Monthly)
NFY: Next Fiscal Year
NY: Next Year
PFYTD: Previous Fiscal Year to Date
PM: Previous Month
PMTD: Previous Month to Date
POP: Period over Period
PP: Previous Period
PQ: Previous Quarter
PQTD: Previous Quarter to Date
PY: Previous Year
PYMTD: Previous Year Month to Date
PYQTD: Previous Year Quarter to Date
PYTD: Previous Year to Date
QOPYQTD: Quarter over Previous Year Quarter to Date
QOQ: Quarter over Quarter
QOQTD: Quarter over Quarter to Date
QTD: Quarter to Date
Qty.: Quantity
YOY: Year over Year
YOYTD: Year over Year to Date
YTD: Year to Date

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