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How to configure G/L Account Categories?

Prerequisite: Please make sure you have installed the Power BI Insights Connector App. 

In Dynamics 365 Business Central search for G/L Account Categories


Here you can create new categories and/or rename existing ones. You need to make sure that all your G/L Accounts are classified correctly into groups. You can find more information about G/L Account Categories here.

In the G/L Account Categories screen, you will find two extra fields:

  • 'Account Subcategory (Power BI)' and

  • 'Account Subcategory 2 (Power BI)'.


For each G/L Account Category please select the appropriate 'Account Subcategory (Power BI)' and also 'Account Subcategory 2 (Power BI)' where required.

Power BI will utilize these two sophisticated fields to establish account hierarchies and compute crucial financial ratios and KPIs that are vital for financial analysis. These ratios include efficiency, debt, leverage, liquidity, and profitability ratios, among others.


After completing the setup process, please proceed to initiate a manual data refresh in your Power BI Workspace. With these steps completed, you are now fully equipped to create visually stunning financial reports.

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