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Welcome to our latest updates!


Below is a high-level summary of the key changes introduced in our recent releases. For a more in-depth understanding or to explore how these enhancements can benefit your work, we invite you to contact us via email or schedule a call with us. 

Thank you for choosing Business Central Insights!

2024-04-10 Release

- Implemented parallel loading for tables in Power BI, significantly increasing data refresh speeds.
- Optimized queries for dimensions.
- Introduced 'Company Display Name' as a company filter.

Sales Insights:
- Included Blanket Orders in the Sales Documents reports.
- Added a new 'Sales G/L Account' table to enhance financial reports.


Purchasing Insights:
- Introduced a 'Purchase G/L Account' table.
- Added 'Document Date' to the Purchase Receipt Line table.


Inventory Insights:
- Added 'Dimension 1', 'Dimension 2', and 'Dimension 3' Row-Level Security roles to enhance inventory data security.


Finance Insights:
- Enabled extensions for the 'Dimension 1' table fields to improve customization and flexibility.


Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable:
- Added 'Document Date' to the Before Due/Overdue report.

2024-02-09 Release


- Introduced a Help & Support button on the Home page of all our applications (located in the top right corner). The new Help & Support page features a Virtual Assistant powered by Microsoft Copilot Studio, designed to provide immediate assistance on installation, setup, and app usage.
- Implemented Dimension Level 1 filters across all reports, enabling users to filter reports by the level 1 dimension hierarchy.
- Introduced Dimension Level 3 in all Dimension Cube reports, allowing for a deeper drill-down through 4 levels of the dimension hierarchy.
- Enhanced item selection by adding the capability to choose 2 Date Item attributes from the Item table. More details can be found here.
- Expanded configuration options for Row-Level Security to include Dimension 3, as well as combinations of Dimensions 1 and 3. Configuration instructions are available here.

Sales Insights:

- Enhanced Delivery Analytics Reports with the addition of a new Delivery Cube and Fill Rate reports; improvements made to Delivery Days and On Time Delivery reports.
- Introduced the ability to select new table extension fields from the Sales Header, Sales Line, Sales Invoice Header, and Sales Cr. Memo Header tables.
- Added new Profit Budget measures.

Purchasing Insights:

- Enhanced Receipt Analytics Reports with the addition of a new Receipt Cube and Fill Rate reports; improvements made to Receipt Days and On Time Receipt reports.
- Introduced the ability to select new table extension fields from the Purchase Header, Purchase Line, and Purchase Receipt Line tables.
- Included Blanket Orders in the Purchase Documents reports.


Inventory Insights:

- Added a Sales Value Entries drill-through page.

Finance Insights:

- Improved the performance of the P&L Statement.
- Added a "% of Total Revenue" metric to the P&L Statement reports.
- Set G/L Account Categories as the default view in Cube/Table reports.
- Introduced additional time intelligence measures for measure selection parameters: MTD, PYMTD, MOPYMTD, MOPYMTD %, FYTD, PFYTD, FYOYTD, and FYOYTD %. Find the list of most common abbreviations here.
- Added new 'Entire Fiscal Year' budget measures.

Manufacturing Insights:

- Added a Due Date filter option to all reports, enabling the filtering of any Manufacturing report by the Due Date selected on the Production Order.
- Optimized the "Inventory Adjustment Entry (Order)" API.
- Introduced the ability to select new table extension fields from the Item table.

2023-12-11 Release

New feature: Open Business Central documents from within Power BI. Easily access detailed Business Central transactions from Power BI. Start by selecting 'Drill through' to view transactions, then click on underlined values to open the corresponding document or ledger entries in Business Central (learn more). 

- Optimized ABC Classification: Enhanced measures and calculated columns in Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, and Manufacturing apps. This optimization also leads to faster data refresh times.
- Improved Budget Measures: Advanced budget measures in Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, and Finance apps. Now supports displaying budget amounts across multiple companies.


Sales Insights:
- Included non-inventoriable costs associated with purchase item charges.
- Added Ship-to information for Service Documents.
- Incorporated Planned Delivery Date filter in the Sales Line table.
- Bug Fix: Resolved an issue in the Outstanding Cost (LCY) measure.


Purchasing Insights:
- Added Expected Receipt Date filter in the Purchase Line table.


Inventory Insights:
- Enhanced Item calculated columns, resulting in improved data refresh times.

2023-11-19 Release

Power BI Datasets: Added permissions to edit datasets. This feature empowers users to extend the standard model by incorporating new measures and data sources. How to Edit Datasets:
  1. Open Power BI Desktop.
  2. Navigate to Get Data > Power BI Datasets.
  3. Choose the Published Dataset.
  4. Go to the Modeling tab and select "Make changes to this model."
  5. Click Submit.

2023-11-10 Release

Sales Insights:

- Added Ship-to Name.

- Expanded Sales Line table with Ship-to Fields and Return Orders.


Purchasing Insights:
- Integrated Return Orders into Purchase Line table.
- Included Job No. and Job Task No. in Purchase Line and Purchase Value Entry tables.


Inventory Insights:
- Introduced Reorder Point and Reorder Quantity to the Item table.


Finance Insights:
- Added Source Code table.
- Enabled the ability to rename P&L Statement Categories (learn more). 


Manufacturing Insights:
- Appended External Document No. to Capacity Ledger Entry table.

2023-10-06 Release

Sales Insights:
- Enhanced visibility by making Blocked budgets non-visible.


Inventory Insights:
- Introduced new report pages: Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) and Sell-Through Rate.
- Added Sales Amount (Actual) to Value Entry table.
- Implemented Select Rows slicers for Item Availability reports.


Purchasing Insights:
- Included Item Default Dimensions.
- Added Unit of Measures (learn more).

- Incorporated Promised Receipt Date filter into the Purchase Line table.

Finance Insights:
- Introduced Budget FYTD measures to the P&L Statement report.

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