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Import Item Availability by BOM

Follow these steps to enable the Item Availability by BOM report in Power BI:

    1. Open the Power BI Insights Connector app.

    2. Select Related > Setup per Company > Insights Setup.


    3. Enable “Import Item Availability by BOM”. Keep in mind that you'll need to perform this action for each company you import into Power BI.

By clicking on the 'Show more' button, you will be presented with additional filtering options that can help refine your import:

  • Exclude Blocked Items: Enabling this option will prevent the import of the BOM (Bill of Materials) for any blocked items in Power BI.

  • Item Category Filter: This option allows you to selectively import BOM data for specific item categories. Simply choose the categories you wish to include, and only the relevant BOMs will be imported.

Item Availability by BOM.png

    4. Once you have enabled this setup, please proceed to run the manual data refresh in Power BI Workspace.

Refresh Now.png

If you will experience data refresh errors with the Inventory Insights app, disabling item availability by BOM may help resolve the issue.

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