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Here's how you do it:

    1. Open the app in AppSource.

Microsoft AppSource Business Central Insights

    2. Sign in to AppSource (if you are not signed in already).


    3. Open the app you would like to review, click the 'Ratings + reviews' tab and click on the 'Write a review' button.


IMPORTANT: If you haven’t installed the app already, the 'Write a review' button will be greyed out. To submit your ratings and reviews, you will first have to install the app. Click on 'Get it now' and follow the instructions. For further details, check out the installation video on our website.

    4. Submit the review.


Just to let you know, we don't bite! 😊 Please use your name and select 'Post my review publicly' checkbox (we think responding 'Anonymous' kinda sucks and we hope you think so too! 😊).

And finally, it's always good to follow the official Microsoft review guidelines. 😉 

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