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Product Update:
G/L Account Categories

In this product update we made changes to the G/L Account Categories. This change affects the Finance Insights Power BI app. 

Prerequisite: Make sure you are running the latest version of the Power BI Insights Connector app and the latest versions of the Finance Insights Power BI app. To install the latest version, please follow the instructions here or watch our YouTube video

In Dynamics 365 Business Central search for G/L Account Categories. 


In the G/L Account Categories screen, you will find two fields:

  • 'Account Subcategory (Power BI)' and

  • 'Account Subcategory 2 (Power BI)'.

We have updated the 'Account Subcategory (Power BI)' field with the following changes:

  • The 'Fixed Assets' category has been renamed to 'Non-Current Assets'

  • The 'Long Term Liabilities' category has been renamed to 'Non-Current Liabilities'

  • The 'Equity (Misc.)' category has been renamed to 'Other Equity'

  • We have also added a new category called 'Share Capital'

We have added the following new changes to the 'Account Subcategory 2 (Power BI)' field

  • 'Other Current Assets' 

  • 'Fixed Assets' 

  • 'Other Non-Current Assets'

  • 'Other Current Liabilities'


We kindly request that you review the new account categories and update your setup as necessary.

You can find additional instructions on how to set up G/L Account Categories by clicking on this link.

If you require any assistance with setting up the new categories, we are here to help.

Simply book a call with us by clicking on this link.

After completing the setup process, please proceed to initiate a manual data refresh in your Power BI Workspace. With these steps completed, you are now fully equipped to create visually stunning financial reports.

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