Streamline your project-intensive business and drive success across your organization with ready-to-use

Power BI Jobs reports.

Share insights with your project teams to help drive better customer outcomes

Uncertainty regarding the progress of the project is one of the biggest hurdles in effective project management.

Every project manager needs to be able to monitor the status of the project. It has several benefits: you can keep your finger on the budget, check what your team’s workload is, identify improvement areas and quickly adapt to changing business conditions.

Our extensive range of reports are designed to measure the health of your projects with a 360-degree,

end-to-end view across your job schedule, budgets, usage, profitability, WIP and recognition.

Make data-driven project management decisions

Take advantage of the immense amount of information Business Central collects on every job transaction.

Our Jobs report suite brings all of your data from Business Central together in a comprehensive way that allows

you to view and analyse data, identify trends for all customers, jobs, job tasks, items, resources and dimensions.

A reliable solution for all your reporting and analytic needs

With our suite of pre-designed reports, you’ll get immediate access to vital information such as:

  • Jobs Overview

  • Job Profitability

  • Gantt Chart

  • Resource Overview

  • Item Profitability

  • WIP and Recognition

Features and benefits of the Cash Flow app:

  • Over 100 measures and over 20 dimensions to ensure that your reporting and analysis tells you what is happening in your business

  • Drill through the data at any time to show the source transactions (job ledger entries and job planning lines).

  • Decomposition Tree that presents a hierarchical view of your data and allows you to drill down and deep dive into your dimensions and attributes in any order

Our Q&A analysis is also included in the report where you can ask questions and quickly receive answers.

Discover how our Jobs reports can transform the way you do business

Whether you want hands-on experience in a trial environment or a live demo by a solution expert, we’re here to help you explore and evaluate our Business Central Jobs Insights app.

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