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Upgrade Power BI App

Find the documentation you need to diagnose and fix issues that you might encounter when you use our apps.

Stressed Man

Find Data Refresh
Error Message

Got a data refresh error? Here you can be your own investigator! How cool is that? 🕵️
Car Factory

Disable Item Availability by BOM

If you're experiencing data refresh errors with the Inventory Insights app, disabling item availability by BOM may help resolve the issue.

Data Refresh Error:
'The key didn't match any rows in the table'

One of the most common errors reported to us is ‘The key didn't match any rows in the table’.
Digital Chronometer

Data Refresh Error: 'Timeout Expired'

Power BI has a refresh timeout limit of 2 hours. Larger multi-million-row datasets may not refresh within this time. 
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