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Power BI Insights Connector Setup

Businessman Using Laptop

Start your free trial

Embark on a journey to experience our product firsthand with a 30-day free trial.
Checking Inventory

Item Attributes

Filter your data by up to 16 pre-selected Item Attributes.

Setup Budgets

View data and compare budget vs. actuals on a daily level.
Man at his Desk

ABC Classification

ABC Classification is used to help identify the most important items, customers and vendors.
Holiday Resort

Non-Working Days

Our applications are designed to accommodate non-working days, such as holidays and weekends. 
Business Presentation

Company Setup

Select which Business Central companies you would like to import into Power BI.
A female staff in a warehouse

Item Units of Measure

Manage inventory seamlessly by switching between boxes, pallets, cases, bottles, and more.
Accounting Documents

Account Categories

Setup G/L Account Categories and classify your accounts into standard accounting groups.

Date Filter Setup

Speed up the Power BI refresh time by setting start date filters.
Financial Report

Aging Groups

Adjust aging buckets to your specific requirements.
Performance Meeting

Dimension Setup

Filter your data by 15 custom dimensions, including Customer Group, Salesperson and Item Group Dimension.
Market Analysis

Measure Setup

Set custom lower and upper limits for a number of predefined measures.
Financial Reports

P&L Statement

Our Power BI Finance Insights app offers a fully customizable P&L Statement.
Smart Alarm System

Row-Level Security

Set up salespeople to only see their own sales data or set up project managers to view only their particular projects/jobs.
Graphic Chart

Menu Color Setup

Have the power to customize your app menu with your company's unique colors!

Power BI Setup

Computer Programming

Enable Install this app automatically

If Install this app automatically is greyed out you will have to enable it in the Power BI Admin Portal.
Data Center

Schedule automatic data refresh

Discover how to easily set up and schedule automatic data refresh in Power BI.
Presentation to boss

Share Power BI apps with your colleagues

Step-by-step instructions on how to share Power BI apps with your colleagues:
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