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Step-by-Step Tutorials

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Starter Kit

Getting Started with Business Central Insights 

Welcome to your Business Central Insights introduction guide.

Explore the Capabilities of Business Central Insights AI Visuals

Leverage the power of AI to transform data visualization and analysis.
White Infinity Cube

Delve into
Business Central Insights Cubes

Cube reports are expertly crafted to enhance your data analysis, offering both efficiency and effectiveness.
Working with Spreadsheets

Analyze Business Central Insights Data in Excel

Analyze in Excel stands out as an exceptionally valuable feature, destined to be a favorite among all Excel users.
Gradient Cube

Learn How to Analyze Data Using Business Central Dimensions

Gain a deeper understanding of your data and uncover valuable insights with in-depth dimensional analysis.

Create New Power BI Reports leveraging Semantic Model

Business Central Insights apps offer full extensibility, enabling you to craft new Power BI reports.  
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