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Analysis by Business Central's Dimensions

Business Central Insights apps offer robust support for up to 12 custom financial dimensions, catering to a diverse range of business needs. For guidance on selecting and setting up these dimensions for optimal reporting, please visit Dimension Setup page.


To analyze dimensions in Power BI, we recommend to use 'Dimension Cube' reports. These reports are similar to Cube reports. Therefore, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the Cube reports by referring to our tutorial.

Dimension Cube reports are readily available across all our Power BI apps. 

To start, open the Finance Insights app in your Power BI and navigate to the “Income Statement Dimension Cube” report.

Business Central Finance Insights.png

‘Dimension Cube' reports offer the flexibility to display dimensions either as rows or as columns. Conveniently, you can easily toggle between rows and columns using the options available in the left menu.

Income Statement Dimension Cube.png

Dimension Hierarchies

Dimension Cube reports also accommodate dimension hierarchies. For instance, in our demo company, the 'Sector' dimension is structured hierarchically. 

Sector Dimension Values.png

For example, open the 'Income Statement Dimension Cube' report in the Finance Insights app. Then, in the rows, select the 'Sector' dimension and drill down (click on the 'Expand all down one level in the hierarchy' icon) to display additional levels in the dimension hierarchies.

Dimension Hierarchies.png
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