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Accounts Payable Insights

Optimise payments and discover trends with pre-designed Power BI Payables reports.

Improve cash flow management

Do you need clear information about before due and overdue balances by aging groups?


With our Business Central Payables report, no longer will you or your team need to wait weeks or months for reports to be designed, validated, tested and installed.

Our extensive range of 10+ standard payables reports allow you to discover trends and optimise your payments, so you can manage cash flow with optimal efficiency. Gain instant insights to maximise payments and pay suppliers at the best time.

Track your payables

Our payables reports gather your company information in a comprehensive way that allows you to view and analyse data, identify trends for all your suppliers, purchasers and dimensions, or payment terms.

A reliable solution for all your reporting and analytic needs

Our suite of pre-designed reports gives you immediate access to critical information such as:

  • Payables Overview 

  • Payables Aging

  • Amounts by Currency

  • Vendor Statistics

Features and benefits of the Payables app: 

  • Over 100 measures and over 20 dimensions to ensure that your reporting and analysis tells you what is happening in your business.

  • Drill through the data to show source transactions (vendor ledger entries) or vendor detail page.

  • Decomposition Tree that presents a hierarchical view of your data and allows you to deep dive into your dimensions and attributes in any order.

Q&A is also included where you can ask questions, such as:


  • Show supplier open balances.

  • Show overdue and before due balances by currency.

  • Show balances by due date.

Transform the way you do business with our Accounts Payable reports

Whether you want hands-on experience in a trial environment or a live demo by a solution expert, we’re here to help you explore and evaluate our Business Central Accounts Payable Insights app.

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