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Our Partners

Many Business Central partners around the globe have already recognized the advantages of a ready-made, comprehensive reporting solution. Business Central Insights helps them close deals faster, deliver projects more efficiently, and with fewer risks. Most importantly, it ensures customer satisfaction.

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Why Partner with Us

Optimized Presales, Positioning, and Win Rate

Insightful Demos: Appealing and engaging end-to-end demos can be prepared swiftly with fewer presales resources.

Microsoft Stack Completeness: Power BI reporting can be presented as an "out of the box" component of the integrated solution stack. Most customers are already using Power BI or expect to be able to use it with new or upgraded ERP systems.

Price Competitiveness: Appealing Business Central Insights pricing reduces the overall TCO of the new solution stack.


Closed-Loop Feedback: Business Central Insights provides an instant and understandable end-to-end testing overview of intermediary deliverables (e.g., agile sprints).

Better Management Support: Dashboards and reports relevant to the management are available from the project's outset, leading to higher transparency of project activities and overall better management support, including the acceptance of change requests.

Risk Mitigation: Ready-made reporting in Power BI mitigates scope creep risks and project tails (fine-tuning custom reports might require months).

Increased Team Efficiency: A more focused and thus more efficient implementation team.

Existing Customers
(Support & Upgrades)

Future Proof: Smoother support for updates and new releases. Business Central Insights will be updated alongside new Business Central releases.

Power BI Upsell Opportunity: A chance for partners' Power BI experts to provide true added value for the customer. Services can focus on unique content rather than on data connections, dataset building, and troubleshooting.

Customer Profitability: Driven by higher overall customer satisfaction.

Valuable Sales Argument for Cloud Migration.

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