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Our apps can be installed in five simple steps!

How to Install graphic - screenshot.png

If you have already installed the apps and wish to upgrade to the latest version, please refer to the instructions provided here.

This installation manual is for Business Central Cloud. For the on-premises version of Business Central, please refer to these instructions.

We value innovation and respect intellectual property rights. Please review our Notice of Intellectual Property Rights to understand how we protect our innovations and how you can collaborate with us.

Step 1: Install the Connector App

Step 1: Install the Connectr App

    1. Open the Power BI Insights Connector in AppSource.  

Microsoft AppSource Business Central Insights

    2. Choose the Free trial button


    3. Enter your name and company information and click Continue.


    4. Choose the environment and select Install.


    5. Choose Language and click Install. It can take a few minutes for the installation to be completed.


    6. Open the Power BI Insights Connector App. 

Power BI Insights Connector.png

If you're having trouble accessing the app, try checking our Connector Installation Troubleshooting article.

Step 2: Start your free trial

To activate your 30-day trial, please refer to the instructions provided here.

Step 3: Install Power BI Apps

Step 3: Install Power BI Apps

    1. Open the Power BI app in AppSource.

Microsoft AppSource Business Central Insights

    2. Click on the Power BI app you would like to install and click Get it now.

Business Central Sales Insights.png

    3. Confirm your details and click Get it now.

Confirm your details.png

    4. Click Install.

Install App.png

Step 4: Connect your data and refresh

Step 4: Connect your data and refresh

Each app will install its own Power BI app workspace. For example, the 'Business Central Sales Insights' app will have a dedicated 'Business Central Sales Insights' workspace.

    1. Sign in to Power BI.

    2. Select Workspaces menu and open the workspace.

App Workspace.png

    3. Choose Connect your data.

Connect Your Data.png

    4. Get the Environment parameter.


You can find the Environment parameter in the Power BI Insights Connector app. 

Environment Parameter.png

    5. Fill in the parameters. 

Enter the Environment parameter as UPPERCASE

It is recommended that you leave the Company Filter value as 'All' to ensure that all the companies you enabled in the Connector app are imported into Power BI.

Connect to Business Central Insights.png

    6. Select the OAuth2 authentication method and click Sign in and connect.

Sgn in and Connect.png

    7. Sign in with the account that has dedicated permissions to access data in Dynamics 365 Business Central system.


This account will be used by the Power BI service to connect to Business Central when refreshing its data.


To assign User permissions in Business Central, follow these steps.

    8. After you’ve successfully signed in with the Business Central user account, the dataset refresh will start automatically! Happy days!

To review data refresh times and potential refresh errors click here. If the error message is:

  • The key didn’t match any rows in the table', then click here.

  • Time out expired’, then click here.

    9. Schedule automatic data refresh

By default, data is refreshed once a day (at midnight). If you would like to set specific data refresh times, please follow the instructions provided here. With a Power BI Pro license, you can refresh your data up to 8 times per day.

Step 5: Share Apps with colleagues

To share Power BI apps with your colleagues, please refer to the instructions provided here.

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