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Prerequisite: Please make sure you have installed the Power BI Insights Connector App. 

In Dynamics 365 Business Central open the Power BI Insights Connector App.

In the Sales, Purchasing and Finance apps, you will have the ability to analyse actual vs. budgeted values. The Sales Insights app supports Sales Budgets, the Purchasing Insights app supports Purchase Budgets, and the Finance Insights app supports G/L Budgets.

To access and configure budgets, select Related > Business Central Setup > Budgets.


An additional Budget Grouped by field has been added to the Sales, Purchase and G/L budgets.


If you select Budget Grouped by equals Month, it will indicate to Power BI that the budgets in Business Central are set on a monthly level.

In our Power BI apps, you will then be able to view the data and compare budget vs. actuals on a daily level. Power BI will divide monthly budgets based on the number of working days and calculate daily budgets. 

This feature simplifies the process of preparing your budgets, as well as reduces the number of budget entries. 

Please refer to standard Business Central documentation to set up budgets (e.g., G/L Budgets)

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