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How to Take Control of a Semantic Model in Power BI

Before installing a new version of your Power BI apps, ensure that the semantic model is configured under your account. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition:

1. Log In to Power BI.

2. Go to the 'Workspaces' menu and select the specific app workspace you need to upgrade.

3. Within the workspace, locate and click on 'Semantic model' and then select 'Settings'.


4. Verify that the semantic model is configured under your account.


Remember: Only the account who configured the semantic model has the authority to upgrade the app workspace. If you're not the original configurator, you have two options:

    - ask the person who set up the semantic model to perform the upgrade, or 

    - take over configuration. Click the “Take over” button to assume control. Re-authenticate your account after taking control.

      Do this by selecting “Edit Credentials” and following the prompts.


By following these steps, you'll successfully take control of the semantic model, paving the way for app upgrades in Power BI.

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